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P&C Pro-File Newsletter – October- October’s newsletter discusses disaster planning, the impact of the recent Equifax data breach and a new tool that estimates the cost of workplace fatigue.

Cyber Security – This HR Insights article describes cyber security risks and offers tips to protect against cyber attacks.

P&C Pro-File Newsletter – September – This newsletter discusses stress in the workplace, OSHA’s suspension of its Injury Tracking Application and the first round of negotiations to update the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Safety Focused Newsletter – In our September Safety Focused newsletter, you’ll learn tips for managing workplace fatigue. In addition, you’ll learn five ways to eat healthier at work.

P&C Pro-File – August – OSHA has proposed 12/1/17 as the new deadline for employers to electronically submit workplace injury & illness data.  Also in this newsletter, NHTSA announces additional air bag recalls and quick responses lower data breach costs.

Safety Focused Newsletter – This month’s Safety Focused newsletter feature tips for avoiding cyber crime while traveling and avoiding distractions while driving.

P&C Profile – June – This month, we cover some important highlights of OSHA’s final rule on electronic reporting and anti-retaliation, the private flood insurance bill that passed the House and a report that projects the global commercial drone market to near $130 billion in 2020.

P&C Profile – April – In this month’s newsletter, we cover a cyber bank heist that nearly cost Bangladesh’s central bank $1 billion, the FCC’s long-awaited Internet privacy proposal and the sharp rise in pedestrian traffic fatalities in 2015.

P&C Pro-File – March– In this month’s newsletter, we look at the sharp rise in traffic fatalities in 2015, a recent court ruling that could expand OSHA’s regulatory reach and the launch of a government investigation into the possible health risks posed by crumb rubber turf.

P&C Pro-File – February  – In this month’s newsletter, we look at a new study that links worker health and safety programs with higher stock market performance, an initiative that partners the DOL with the DOJ to improve worker safety and new regulatory guidelines that could shape the development of driverless cars.

6 WC Risks for New Economy – ‘Text neck’ and contemporary offices are just a few risks that create new potential for workplace injuries.

Drones The New Risk Exposures to Your Business  – Commercial use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known as drones, is expected to soar in the next several years. In this Risk Insights, learn about the risks of UAS use, as well as how regulators, insurers and businesses are responding to this emerging technology.

 January P&C ProFile  – This month’s newsletter reveals tips for healthy eating, information on National Radon Action Month and how hands-free devices can distract drivers.

Social Engineering – Over the past three weeks there has been an increase in this social engineering fraudulent activities – according to a contact with the FB,  three separate victims in Middle Tennessee with losses exceeding half a million.

PC ProFile  – November 2015 – In this month’s newsletter, we examine the challenges that electric vehicle drivers are facing, results from a new employer survey about employee use of medical marijuana and a new initiative launched by NIOSH devoted to promoting “total worker health.”

PC ProFile  – October 2015 – This month’s newsletter outlines the increasing importance of a company’s reputation and how to mitigate reputational risks, examines encouraging new numbers released by OSHA and looks at the results of a new survey that shows a troubling disparity between concern about, and preparedness for, cyber attacks.

PC ProFile – August 2015– This month, the newsletter examines a warning from OSHA about HCS compliance, how medical marijuana laws can make a zero-tolerance policy dangerous for employers and how a “best practices” exclusion might cost a company millions.

P&C ProFile Newsletter – July 2015– This month’s newsletter examines a major change in how OSHA determines its site inspections, the Astros’ data breach, and how a recent court decision affects employees’ off-duty drug use.

PC Pro-File Newsletter June 2015 – This month’s issue of P&C Pro-File takes a look at the new OSHA reporting rule for workplace injuries, examines what you need to know about drones and considers a strategy for boosting return-to-work.

25 Most Commonly Stolen Passwords– How clever is your password? If it’s on the list below, your password is just as easily stolen as it is remembered. Protect yourself by making sure you’re not using one of the top 25 most commonly stolen passwords of 2014, as determined by IT security firm SplashData.

May P&C Pro-File newsletter – This month’s issue of the P&C Pro-file newsletter looks at  what employers can do to combat rising drug costs, strategies for avoiding customer lawsuits and new info on data breaches.

April P&C Pro-File– This month’s issue of the P&C Pro-File newsletter examines the impact of a recent Supreme Court decision, takes a look at OSHA’s proposed changes to PPE standards, and offers advice on managing a social media crisis.

General PC Profile – March 2015 – This month, the P&C Pro-File newsletter takes a look at the Anthem data breach, fall safety news from OSHA and integrating wellness with risk management.

PC Profile – February 2015– This month’s newsletter covers the extension of TRIA, the importance of cyber security in 2015 and the top 5 types of workers’ comp injuries.

PC Pro-File – January 2015– This month’s newsletter covers a change in the P&C insurance market, the potentially severe flu season and how brandjacking can affect your company’s social media presence.

General PC Profile – December 2014– December’s newsletter covers the American Medical Association’s new classification of obesity and how it could affect your workers’ compensation insurance, split-point updates for 2015 and a reminder of when OSHA’s new reporting guidelines go into effect.

PC Profile – November 2014-Our monthly newsletters highlight hot risk management topics and will allow you to explore emerging risks & additional coverages.

PC Pro-File – October 2014– Learn all about OSHA’s new recordkeeping and reporting requirements and recent data breaches at companies such as Home Depot and Jimmy John’s in this issue of the P&C Pro-File Newsletter.

PC Pro-File – September 2014– September’s newsletter covers the extended comment period for OSHA’s proposed injury tracking tool, common ergonomic mistakes to avoid and key elements your business continuity plan may be missing.

PC Pro-File – August 2014– This month’s newsletter covers the costs of work-related stress, an update on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act and new job discrimination guidelines for pregnant workers.

P&C Pro-File – July 2014: This month’s P&C Pro-File newsletter unveils results from Zywave’s 2014 Workers’ Compensation survey and covers minimizing your internship-related liability, the experience rating adjustment and the recent changes to OSHA’s Site-Specific Targeting program.

P&C Pro-File – June 2014 : This month’s P&C Pro-File newsletter highlights upcoming GHS deadlines, why you should have a defensive driving program for your employees and a growing business interruption risk you should be concerned about.

P&C Pro-File – May 2014:  This issue of the P&C Pro-File newsletter looks at new whistleblower regulations, highlights the growing D&O risk caused by data breaches and discusses how integrating workplace wellness with risk management can save you money.

P&C Pro-File – April 2014: This month’s P&C Pro-File highlights why you should dig deeper into your accident investigations and discusses OSHA’s plan for inspecting companies on its “hit list” this year. This newsletter also highlights the importance of knowing the terms of your cyber insurance policy.

P&C Pro-File – March 2014: This month’s P&C Pro-File highlights the risks of using mobile payment options and also recently released statistics from BLS on the injury and illness rates for older workers. This newsletter also provides more information about how workers’ compensation data is being used for public health purposes.

P&C Pro-File – February 2014: This month’s P&C Pro-File highlights Target’s recent data breach and discusses the importance of having a contingency plan and cyber insurance.

P&C Pro-File Newsletter – January 2014: This month’s newsletter offers a 2014 cyber security outlook, talks about rising D&O coverage rates due to the Affordable Care Act and stresses the importance of benchmarking as a powerful workers comp tool.

P&C Pro-File December 2013: This month’s P&C Pro-File newsletter highlights proposed changes to OSHA’s recordkeeping standard, ways to prepare for a superstorm and why executives are concerned about their companies’ reputations.

P&C Pro-File November 2013: This month’s P&C Pro-File highlights Category 3 water exclusions, findings from a report on 2014 insurance rates and the preliminary list of Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards in 2013.

P&C Pro-File October 2013: This month’s P&C Pro-File newsletter addresses the EEOC’s guidelines on background checks, OSHA’s proposed crystalline silica rule and how physician-dispensed medications may increase your workers’ comp costs.

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