Home Inventory

Why do a home inventory?

An inventory is a record of the contents of your home and their estimated value. It can also serve as a chance to measure whether you have adequate insurance coverage.

An accurate inventory at the time of a loss can make claim settlements easier and faster. Take time to compile your personal property inventory. Having an up to date inventory helps you assess what home insurance you need and aids in settling your insurance claims faster and easier.


  • Keep all receipts and a detailed record of antiques, jewelry, major appliances and collector’s items.
  • Include makes and models in your description.
  • Continuously update your Personal Home Inventory as you acquire new items.
  • Photograph or video record your inventory items. Make sure videotapes and photos are dated.


Sample Personal Home Inventory List


Personal Property Home Inventory Software

There are several ways to keep track of your home inventory. You can use pen and paper and make a list in a notebook alongside photos and receipts in a physical file. You can also keep this in online documents on your laptop via cloud based services like Dropbox or Google Documents for protection even through fires or burglaries. There are also several apps that can help you create an electronic record of your possessions. This can be updated as you buy or eliminate personal possessions at the click of a button. Here are a few examples:


Available for businesses or personal use, Sortly can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play. It has both free and paid plans with different features for each.




Memento database is available for Androids and Desktop. Memento can be synced with Google Sheets so you can organize and edit your inventory data outside your smartphone.





Digital Locker is a free and easy-to-use app that lets you create an inventory of your home’s items and store your information securely in the cloud. Use the application from a mobile device or desktop to keep a detailed visual catalog of your valuables. It is available for both iOS

and Android.



DreamVault is an online tool for creating a room-by-room inventory of the items in your home or apartment offered by American Family Insurance. It is available on iOS and Android.