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Home Inventory

An accurate inventory at the time of a loss can make claim settlements easier and faster. Take time to compile your personal property inventory. Having an update to date inventory helps you purchase enough insurance coverage and get your insurance claims settled faster and easier.

Why do a home inventory?

An inventory is a record of the contents of your home and their estimated value. It can also serve as a chance to measure whether you have adequate insurance coverage.


  • Keep all receipts and a detailed record of antiques, jewelry, major appliances and collector’s items.
  • Include makes and models in your description.
  • Continuously update your Personal Home Inventory as you acquire new items.
  • Photograph or video record your inventory items. Make sure videotapes and photos are dated.

Click here for a sample Personal Home Inventory list

Personal Property Home Inventory Software

Know Your Stuff – Home Inventory

You can always make a list in a notebook, checklist and save photos & receipts in a file. Or you can use the Know Your Stuff software, the Insurance Information Institute’s free online home inventory software to create an electronic record of your possessions. With the click of your mouse you can update this list as you buy or eliminate personal possessions.

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