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Auto Insights – The Most and Least Ticketed Vehicles- Although everyone makes a traffic violation from time to time, a recent study found that some vehicle models are ticketed more frequently than others.
Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – June 2016 – June’s Personal Lines inSights Newsletter discusses safety near bodies of water, how to prevent dog bites and why you may see your auto insurance premiums rise.
 Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – April 2016 – This month’s inSights Newsletter discuss National Stress Awareness Month, where to inspect your home in spring and what determines your auto insurance rate.

The Most and Least Expensive 2016 Model Vehicles to Insure- Although the cost of an auto insurance policy varies according to a number of factors, it’s commonly known that some vehicles cost more to insure than others. This article details the most and least expensive 2016 model vehicles to insure.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter –  This month’s newsletter can give you tips for protecting yourself from the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, throwing a safe party at your home and identifying if your vehicle has been recalled for safety issues.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – February 2016 – This month’s newsletter discusses American Heart Month, how “smart homes” can improve your security, the FAA’s new drone registration requirement and a collaboration to improve car safety.

Home Matters – Hoverboard Safety – Hoverboards may be the latest trend, but there’s important information you need to know to stay safe from fire and other hazards.

Home Inventory Checklist – To ensure your possessions will be replaced in the event that your home is damaged or burglarized, complete this home inventory checklist to document all of your belongings.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – January 2016 – This month’s newsletter reveals tips for healthy eating, information on National Radon Action Month and how hands-free devices can distract drivers.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – December 2015 –  December’s newsletter examines the importance of washing your hands regularly, home ventilation maintenance and the dangers of impaired driving.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – November 2015 – This month’s newsletter looks at how to dress warmly in the cold, prepare for home fires and drive safely in cold weather.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – October 2015 –  This month’s newsletter examines how to select the right car seat for your child, the importance of cleaning your gutters and how modern conveniences can put your car at risk.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – September 2015 – This month’s newsletter covers the use of wearable fitness trackers, tips to keep your energy bills down and how to keep your car safe from theft.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – August 2015 – This month’s issue talks about how bad sitting can be, preparing for hurricane season and the endless number of vehicle recalls in 2014.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – July 2015- This month’s newsletter talks about tips to protect your skin and eyes from the sun and how to inspect your home after a hail storm

Know Your Insurance – If a Tree Falls- If a fallen tree damages property, who pays? This Know Your Insurance issue examines a number of scenarios and explains whose insurance pays under which circumstances.

Personal Lines inSights Newsletter – June 2015 – This month’s inSights Newsletter examines how short walks can improve your health, how to inspect your deck, and when to replace your car tires.

Personal Lines Insights – In the May issue, we take a look at vaccines, grill safety and tips for saving money on your grocery bill.

Driver Safety Distractions- This discusses practicing safe driving techniques, being aware of your surroundings, making prudent driving decisions and avoiding distractions so you can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in an auto accident.

Personal Lines Insights- The April issue of inSights Newsletter features advice on preventing dog bites, post-winter car care tipa and a look at myths about fat.

Personal Lines inSights – March 2015- This month’s newsletter covers the health benefits of gardening, protecting yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning and installing a car seat properly.

Personal Lines inSights – February 2015: This month’s newsletter talks about an easy way to start an active lifestyle, protecting your home when you’re on vacation and buckling up for safety. It also lists the cars awarded as Top Safety Picks for 2015

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